Welcome. FranksBank is an informal 'brand' of Frank Haschka (aka, Frank E Haschka, Right Before Your Eyes - providing entertainment through the art of magic), and that's me; the bloke who typed this.

This holding page will, with any luck be just a temporary feature; a new home is being set up for the website that basically says what FranksBank is all about. In a nutshell, FB (I coined FB before Facebook existed by the way) began as a repository for ideas and services of all kinds, but is now predominantly the 'brand' for any work I might do on the computer that's not related to my other works in magic and the making of (actual) things.

In the meantime, while you wait patiently for something of substance, you might like to visit one of my other online windows. In which case, here are a few links that might help: